A Separate​|​Divide

by Liquid Casing

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Liquid Casing's new album, A Separate|Divide, explores the politics of division and seeks to expose our lack of unity and its consequences. Composed of 9 tracks that sonically weave in and out of each other, a broad picture is painted of Man's exploitative use of arbitrary divides.

"It’s an intriguing listen, an impressive effort, and one of the most creative albums I’ve listened to this year." - Brian Lion, Under The Gun Review

"The saxophone playing against rhythmic dynamite is nothing short of sonic artwork." - Kyle Jarmon, Examiner

"Filled with sprawling instrumental landscapes and meaningful socio-political undertones, Liquid Casing’s A Separate Divide is an album that successfully transcends its borders." - Stephanie Maida, Obscure Sound

"The newest offering of music by Liquid Casing is a triumph of introspective ambience and soulful vibrato, it is not an album to be listened to but experienced. With atonal qualities and resonating dissonance, it works its way into your very fiber and swells into a living part of you." - Joseph Timmons, Xombiewoof Magazine


released June 25, 2013

Written, Recorded, and Produced by Liquid Casing at Red Flag Studios
Cover Art: Jim Stettner



all rights reserved


Liquid Casing Houston, Texas

Liquid Casing is a partnership between four musicians from Houston, TX. Inspired by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Cursive, Mogwai, Russian Circles, and The Mars Volta, Liquid Casing has developed their own sound focused on dynamics, the ebb and flow of song structure, and vibrant rhythm. While the concepts and lyrics strive to confront the intellect, the music goes straight for the gut ... more

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Track Name: A Path of Footprints Forged in the Midnight Sun
The land is a shadow
a faded view of yesterday
that I’m not sure existed
or if we just gave it away

and what little remains
belongs to just a few
what agony blossoms
the rest consumes

There’s nothing
for us here

I’d make myself a stranger
Risk this meager body
I’d cross any border
Suffer in their absence

I’d take this bit of sorrow
Throw it on my shoulders
Work the blood right out
Squeeze it from my fingers

I’d do it
Risk it all
Lose them all
In the midnight sun
Track Name: Fingerprint Armada
I refuse to be summed
in such few digits
derived from random generation
with a total lack of precision

I’m not a number
etched on some ID
my flesh, my past
will not condemn me

to. a future. of no promise.

Will of My Being
Flesh of My Family
Truth of Our Existence
Is Ours and Ours Alone

no fingerprint armada
retina scan brigade
no, these border agents
will not have a say

on. the light. of my future.

Will of My Being
Flesh of My Family
Truth of Our Existence
Is Ours and Ours Alone
Track Name: For a Memory Erased
In an endless desert, that moaning city
in that makeshift home, a grieving family
an Unknowing child, a conflicted heart

an innocence
a violence
at odds

Every forced removal
an unfinished war
the grip of reason
a conscience ignored

There’s a violence in our hearts
There’s a violence
in the families kept apart
There’s a violence
in the queues you’ve built
There’s a violence
in the school’s you’ve destroyed

In that desert;
endless desert
Those borders, they’re on fire

where the sun melts every living thing
that desert, it’s on fire

Flames flicker with the dead
they wilt to black
dust and embers ride the wave of heat
and endless war

Each time, Each time the dead become nothing

for no one
for no reason
for all time
for a memory erased
Track Name: Checkpoints and Borders
Tired of Last Looks
and those fading memories
of everyone I’ve left behind

Tired of the shadow cast
by. a. mountain of tears.
crushing down
on those trapped beneath

These BORDERS, they’re everywhere.
There is more to this life than fear.

Checkpoints to see where we belong
“Can’t you see?” I don’t belong
My skin said it all;
that border I just can’t cross

These BORDERS, they’re everywhere.
There’s more to this life than fear.
I don’t belong to anyone, anymore.

These Borders. They don’t belong.
Track Name: Riot Path
These words we do not speak
These thoughts we always think
Can’t exist without a voice;
without a mind
The worth we don’t quite see;
when our eyes will never meet

This riot path, we journeyed on
A shadow of truth, always walked behind
That single step, that empty move
No, it never quite made amends
It’s the end this time
what beginning will arise
we walk blind with faint hind sight